"in a society that benefits from your self doubt
loving yourself is a rebellious act" 

Hi, I’m Monique. I make all the products you find in here. By hand.

Since 2014. Yes, it’s a lot of work and a form of meditation

that I  adore  doing.

Let me start by saying that you don’t have to be a vegan to use

any of my products.

What I do find important is that we make deliberate and

educated choices. And that we do

the best we can considering all parties involved.

And if we choose to do something that's

"not done" that we fully stand behind that decision and own it.

So, feel free to be you. Completely. 

Every part of you is welcome.


Before fra lippo lippie


Before I started stirring oils and butters and aroma’s in pans, mixing in colours and creating my loved lip and skin goodness, I was a slave of the 9-5 office system. Convinced of the idea that this is how I should spend the rest of my working life.

In the course of about 12 years I switched jobs like Rihanna does hair-styles. Which I by the way adore, her hair styles.


After the so-manieth change of job and years of literally dragging myself to the office, losing my shine and zest for life, smoking at least a pack of cigarettes per day and getting wasted on the weekends I finally realized….


It was not about the different jobs not being challenging enough. Or about a large part of my colleagues being narrow minded. Never "getting me" and not understanding my insatiable hunger for inspiration, movement, learning, growing.


                                It was the lack of freedom I experienced. Having to start the day whenever my contract said the day had to start. 

                                The lack of inspiration and fun and crazy-sexy-coolness. 


                       I was making buckets of money while not making a difference to anything, any-being or anyone

                       but myself and my bank account


The trip to Byron Bay Australia


Fra lippo lippie was born out of a series of “coincidences” that started in Byron Bay in 2013.  I don't believe in coincidences by the way. I believe when you're open to life when you know what you love and when you know what frustrates you enough to make a difference .... than what wants to come through will find you. 

So what do I love and what was my biggest frustration? 

I LOVE animals, I think there funny, adorable and cute.

And what continues to frustrate me is that certain products contain so

much cr*p that if your skin and lips had eyes, they would cry. hard.

And there it was. Fra lippo lippie was born right after my trip to Australia in 2014.

And it brings me so much fulfilment through the fun, inspiring and challenging



// And Most Importantly It Allows Me To Do Good to:

1. Your Skin & Lips 2. Our Furry Friends  3. Support things and brands that I love \\


School of Life

You might be curious what I have studied to become a make-up and skin care concoctioner?

I have studied not a thing. In school that is.

Most of my knowledge is purely based on intuition. I somehow know what I need to add to make what I set out to make. To get a certain colour, or texture, or feel. Somehow, as if by magic, I always guess right.


And the truth is, if you don’t work with the dangerous materials that also can be found in skin care you don’t need any degree.


All you need is common sense. And a passion to fiddle around with textures and colors.  And patience and perseverence, for example when you made a beautiful new colour and set out to make it again and realized you made a mistake in your notes.


Also, you need to work proper and clean and “conduct  business according to good practices”. 

Check ✔ And ff I may be so free and blow my own horn ..... I do this very well. And I'm loving it.

From the very beginning I have set out to develop something that is amazing to use and that feels and looks beautiful.

Something that  makes ourr lips, our faces and skin happy and that feels great.

Safety and Testing


A number of people ask me already so I assume that you too wonder.

And the answer is No. Never. Ever.


None of my products OR ingredients have been tested on animals.


The only fra lippo lippie guinea pigs are me, my lover, and human friends and family. Ánd my products are not sold on the Asian market.

In A Nutshell; What You Buy In Here is of Great Quality. It's Colourful, Long-Lasting, Nourishing and Safe.

When you have any questions about my products or anything else feel free to email me at: hello@fralippolippie.com



When you’re a curious being ánd you love to learn and read and explore

new ways of thinking, being, looking and eating ... I am with you.

I get off  learning new ways of thinking and being ánd sharing what I’ve learned and I do that in newsletters and on my blog.

If you haven’t yet, you can sign-up by clicking here.

Or if you would like to "go for it" and buy yourself a fra lippo lippie click to Shop







fra lippo lippie because you love animals, handmade  products and looking great naturally!

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