Choose your perfect Colour 

Have you ever wondered what colours suit you best? There are a few ways of ways of finding out. Here are some tips what to keep in mind when choosing colours. 

The Basics

All the colours as we see that are man made are derrived from primary colours:

Yellow, Red and Blue.


Black and White are not officially colours, but when mixing colours to make lip pigments for example, I use these to make a certain colour lighter or darker


A Dark Red, Terracotta-ish that looks beautiful when you have a neutral or a cool undertone

Skin Tone

There are three types of skin tones:

Cool, Warm and Neutral. Based on your skin tone you can pick the perfect colours for you. 

A cool undertone has pink, red or bluish undertones


A warm undertone has yellow or golden undertones


And neutral has a mix of warm 


A deep strong and Ferrari Red, Looks great on as well cool as warm undertones. But also be mindful of the colour of your own lips, that determines the colour of the lip pigment too.

The test

Cool: Off white looks good on you (better than white does) like silver. You burn easily in the sun. Your veins look blue.


Warm: Gold looks best on you, you teint easily, white looks better on you then off white. Your veins look greenish.


Neutral: Both silver and gold look good on  you, like white and off white. Your veins look blue-green. 



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