September 26, 2017

Making new products mostly means making (new) mistakes. And although I don't believe in real mistakes, I believe in failing forward, there are things happening in this phase that I'd rather skipped. But then I wouldn't have an entertaining story to tell you.

So it's go...

September 6, 2017

A beautiful skin starts with food. That is something most of us know. Beautiful hair and nails too, but somehow it doesn't show so fast as the skin of the face. At least with me. 

What I recently found out is that also beautiful shiny and soft lips start with the health...

July 29, 2017

I LOVE eating. I always did and I always will. All these different flavours and textures and combinations of them.

It seems like it got even more since I've been eating mainly plant based. 

Trying to eat less than I crave for or than I want  leads to unhealthy behaviour...

March 23, 2017

How we eat determines how we feel and how we feel determines how we eat. So we’re in this ever circling loop.

When you make food choices that are not the smartest you usually also make life choices that are not the smartest.

Did you ever “drunk ‘n dial”? I rest my case ;...

September 27, 2016

I use make up to enhance my beauty. Never to cover her up. And through the way I eat I can control how my skin looks. Which I actually found fairly recent.

The last 5 years of my life I've had a fairly good skin and the last year I can call her perfect. Before it was su...

August 26, 2016

Since I turned vegan I love to cook and to experiment with different kinds of flavours, ingredients, textures, everything.

I found out how to make healthy pancakes that taste like heaven, try it:

  • Pancake of spelt flour with water

  • Baked in coconut oil

  • Topped...

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