List of Ingredients

If you're allergic to a certain ingredient, I love to make you a version  with different base ingredients.

Email me at with your request and we'll take it from there.

lb = lip balm lc = lip & cheek dc = deo creme lg = lipgloss

- bentonite clay | dc

for the deodorant I use foodgrade bentonite clay, which means that it's the purest form of clay. It draws out toxins from your body like metals and to do that you can either use it topically (like in a deodorant) or internally. Next to using it in my deodrant I have been drinking bentonite clay every morning 30 minutes before breakfast and every evening before I go to sleep. It's a miracle for your skin and hair. 

- calamine powder | dc

calamine is soothing, antiseptic powder. With a high concentration of zinc it's also used as a sun screen. I use her in my deo cremes for the soothing effects and the beautiful colour and texture she gives.

- shea butter | lc | dc

contains vitamin a, e and f which are great for our skin, has a rich and creamy texture and has a natural UV protection of SPF 6. I use shea butter in the lipsticks and the deo cremes. 

- coconut oil | lb | dc

- natrium bicarbonate | dc

or baking soda has tons of uses and was the magic ingredient of all households before we got to the era of choice and diversity. it has anti bacterial properties and battles unwanted smells.

- sweet almond oil | lb | lc | dc | lg

is made out of edible almonds, so it's literally food for the skin. almond oil is used in almost all of the products because of her rich feel and her high quality.

- argan oil | lb | lc | lg

Is one of natures biggest vitamin e bombs which is amazing for skin and also adds to shelf life of skin care products.

- rape seed wax | lc

The latest star I discovered. It is a plant based wax that is biodegradable and is eco friendly and often grown in the EU. I love the sticky and light texture of it on your lips. It makes the colour hold extra long and wonderfully  

- candelilla wax | lc | lb

another favourite plant based wax and a perfect alternative to bees wax that is easy absorbed by the skin.

- mica | lc |

in the different lipsticks there are yellow, orange and pink micas. micas are natural occuring mineral dust that add a great deal of colour and a bit of a shimmer to some of the lipsticks. they are a natural occuring compound and they make all kinds of amazing different shades and colours. 

- titanium dioxide | lc 

one of the most used and modern white pigments that occurs naturally. titanium dioxide is a sun blocker and often used in sun protection products. what is extra great about it is that it adds a soft texture to the lipstick and it helps to tone down the shimmer of the mica's.

- iron oxide | lc | lb

iron oxides are also natural; "chemical compounds composed of iron and oxygen". I was surprised by the many types of colour of iron oxide there are and you can make beautiful colours with her. I believe there are also often used in making foundation. something that I will not get started with because I believe our skin is our best asset. and if we eat good and drink a lot of water we do not "need" foundation.

- pigments | lc | lb

red 5, blue and brown. I use pigments because for one reason these colours can not be obtained naturally. so if we want vegan and a strong colour that makes a beautiful lip & cheek .... then we go for pigments. 

- aroma's and essential oils | lc | dc

In the different products, except for the lip & cheek ladies The parfum, aroma's and essential and  some also organic oils cause the attractive and pleasant smell in my different products

fra lippo lippie because you love animals, handmade  products and looking great naturally!

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