A easy "How To" on (NY) Resolutions

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

This will be a very short post. Great information is normally not written or read, it is felt.

All the books you have read on a certain topic, say the same thing over and over again in different words, from different angles. Because repetition can help with understanding.

Another thing that helps with understanding is feeling the truth of the words that you read. Letting it go from the screen into your reticular activating system throughout your body and feel the words.

Breathe the Words In.

With that said, HERE it is:

Resolutions and all goals for that matter are set from a feeling of, "Nice to Have".

Everything else becomes want and/or need and the Universe, God, Your Higher Self or who-ever is "giving" you that what you desire does not react to want & need.

It reacts to ease and flow and joy and happiness.

From that we can deduct that your only job is: Knowing That You Are Worthy of Your Desires (resolutions and goals) and feeling whole without them.

Have a wonderful one today and for the rest of your days.

Much love,


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