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A very simple practice to connect you deeper with life.

Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Do you sometimes too have a feeling you're all alone and that nobody understands you. Do you feel like you have to do everything by yourself, because your friends and family are running around like mad (wo)men's not even noticing they have been been doing so with toothpaste smeared all over their faces.

Truth is, you're never alone. You only feel alone when you forget that you're connected. And I bet that whenever you lovingly kick yourself out of the door to have a walk in the park you feel instantly better. This feeling comes from the connection you feel with life. And you can cultivate and grow this connection in a very simple way.

In Sadhguru's book Inner Engineering, he reminds us of the magical beings we are. It's a fest of honour and recognition. I'm SO happy I got this book as a gift. Sebastian went to an Inner Engineering weekend here in Berlin and he could pick a book, as a gift, in German or English. He reads better in German and decided to pick the English version. Ahhhh .... love.

So the practice or Sadhana, and it's a complete quotation:

You may have noticed this about yourself: when you're feeling pleasant you want to expand; when you are fearful, you want to contract. Try this: Sit for a few minutes in front of a plant or tree. Remind yourself that you're inhaling what the tree is exhaling, and exhaling what the tree is inhaling. Even if you're not yet experientially aware of it, establish a psychological connection with the plant. You could repeat this several times a day. After a few days, you will start connecting with everything around you differently. You won't limit yourself to a tree.

I wish you a magical and a wonderful experience with this practice.

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