• Monique B. Jagroe

An Opportunity to Ask Different Questions

There are many truths. In fact everything you believe to be true IS true. Because you believe so. And that's the simple fact of reality.

You will always find proof that shows you that you are right. If your Belief is A or Z, you will find that you are right.

What to look for in a Belief is then, does it serve you. It doesn't matter if it's true or not, because of what I explained above.

My new Belief is that Yoga helps me to better my conscious creation skills.

And I "coincidentally found a Neville Goddard lover and teacher, like myself, that beliefs the same. That with Yoga. And more.

I interviewed him and you can see that interview here.

By the way, the interview assumes you have some background knowledge on Neville already.

Have fun with the interview, have fun with creating new wonderful beliefs.

Much love,


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