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Dear Lovely Readers

This is one of the last focuses for this year as I am focusing on birthing something new.

I sincerely wish you enjoyed all the focuses and there is so much content to scroll through.

Wishing you much love on your journey and I am still available for questions on conscious creation, of course.

From Lynda Madden Dahl's book Ten Thousand Whispers

"While we're on the subject of alterations, consider this. You ow know that every moment of experience is a fresh one, fueled from Framework 2 in the moment. All items surrounding us right now are brand new, no matter their supposed linear-time life. So, what ages our car, then? Technically our inner self does in accordance with what we will accept, and that's based on the usual - thoughts, emotions, focus, intent. So, while our car will age because we believe in linear time, the amount and speed of decay is not altogether outside our sphere of influence. You've seen cars from the 1950s that are in perfect condition. Someone put a lot of thought and focus behind the automobile to make that happen, and, in effect, defied linear time. Sure they painted it, wash it regularly, spend untold hours searching for and installing replacement parts, and lovingly spiffy it up on weekends.

"That's exactly what we're talking about: focused thought and intent. They love the car a nd put a lot of thinking into its condition. They get what they focus on: in this case, a beautiful vehicle delivered to them from a friendly universe moment by moment based on the actions they take that express their desire."

Much love,


Picture by Jacob Owens

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