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Attracting more money with a few simple practices.

Money is a topic that will never get out of fashion. Like dieting, dating, sex....

Everything that allows us do the things we love ánd that can get us down and out when we don't know how to handle it properly.

In the last couple of years I had to change my money game because I started my own business. And what I have learned since then has been so helpful to stay sane.

I wish some of my learnings will give you peace of wallet too.

The basics:

1. Every time I spend money I vote. For you the same. If every time you spend it, it would produce a statement on paper, what would this paper read?

2. Paying for something creates a great mantra that you can play every time you spend it. These are a few of my favourites that I learned from the "masters of money" the last couple of years:

- thank you , thank you, thank you for all the money that I've received throughout my life,

- there's much more where that came from,

- every day in every way I have more and more money coming in.

3. We live in a balanced Universe. If you only take, the givers will stop giving. The same goes for money. If we only save, the money coming in will dry up.

4. Money is energy and it likes to flow. Like all energy likes to flow. And it wants to flow happily and in a free way. You can practice this when you spend it, are you giving it with your whole heart? Or are you giving it with fear?

5. If money would be your lover, would they like to be with you? Or are you constantly in fear of losing them?

6. Donate or tilt as the masters call it. We always have something to spare, even if this means a cup of coffee less outside. When we give something to someone that's less fortunate or donate some money we increase the flow and the great energy of it, which will always return to us. It's law.

After reading these you might realise that you have some issues around money. And if you do fantastic that you realise this, it means you can do something about it too. The only thing you need is awareness around the topic and decide that nothing, not money and not anything else ever has the power to control your feelings of well being. "They" have you believe that money is everything and a lot of unhappiness is caused by (lack) of money.

But when you realise that money is just an amplifier of a personality and that there will always be enough money coming into your life, because that's law, then you will be much more relaxed with it and about it and it has space to flow. You will always have enough, because you're worth it.

Before I go, realise this, you always had enough. You might have had fears that you would run out of money, but it always turned out that your fears where never necessary.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you get something out of it.

Thank you for growing with me.

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With Love,


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