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Can't help creating drama? Here are three tips to do it consciously.

Updated: Oct 18, 2017

I am the queen of drama, or actually I was the queen of drama and am more of a princess now. In the time that I was the queen I did not only drive my men, but also myself insane.

That's where the big difference is now, that ánd also less drama.

When it comes up though, and I've accepted that it's a part of me I can usually snap out of it pretty quickly* and I have found a way how to stay connected to your love. Here are my three tips.

* within a day instead of .... embarrassed to say how many before ...

1. Give yourself the attention that you need. Drama comes from your inner child that needs attention and love and doesn't know how to get it, except by making drama. So be gentle with yourself, with her and see if you can find out what she needs.

Getting angry at yourself for making drama makes it worse and it's not necessary because you're human and you came here to learn, not to be perfect.

2. Take a break from whatever you're doing and from wherever you are. Go outside (or inside) and focus on the details of things. What helps me always is looking closer at flowers and trees and leaves, seeing colours, and textures.

3. Have a grown up - after the drama - conversation and talk about what happened within you. If you figured out what it was that happened share it with your love. If he's the right one and in the right state of mind he will appreciate you being open and honest. It shows character and it builds trust. It says: Hey, I know I made a bit of a dramatic mess, and I'm willing to own it.

4. Bonus tip. You don't have to be sorry for making drama and you don't have to apologise every time. It happens to the best of us. And it happens more when you like 98% of the world have traumas from growing up, previous relationships, being in school, etc.

And what's more, constantly apologising takes the value out of your sorry's.

Thank you for reading dear one. I hope these tips will help you like they help me.

You can always reach out for advice and if you haven't already, you can subscribe to my blog on the homepage.

Please share with anyone who might benefit from this too.

With Love,


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