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Create Your Perfect Affirmations

In my previous post, fake it till you make it I explained the necessity of knowing what it is that you are choosing. What it is that you are calling into your current reality and how to do that.

An important part of this can be, stating affirmations. Saying them over and over again can help you lock in the thoughts, feelings and emotions that will bring forth the situations and the reality you wish to experience more of.

Affirmations turn into beliefs and you know that we operate from beliefs all day everyday right? A belief is nothing more than a thought we kept thinking, true or false that doesn't matter. If it is repeated often enough we start to believe it and it becomes a belief.

So an affirmation is a combination of words that reprogram you, or that continue an already beneficial programming that you want to strengthen more.

An affirmation usually starts with I AM, as Neville and more teachers state, the two most powerful words in the Universe. Everything that is said after I AM is what you are and what you become.

When you know your State, Your New Man, Your Parallel reality and the type of person you are in there you can start to create the affirmations that strengthen the belief that belongs to this.

Like for example, your new State is a woman that is always treated with respect and is valued by men and by women, your affirmations are:

I AM Valued, I AM Respected.

If you (want to )believe that life is full of magic and would like to experience more of it your affirmation would be: My Life is Magic. Or Magic surrounds me everywhere I go.

If you are a man that earns a lot of money and always has a surplus of money you can say: I AM wealthy and money comes in faster that I can spend it.

So whatever you have created as true for yourself, use that to carve your affirmations.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have list for you that will help you determine your State, your parallel reality. You can request it by clicking here

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Have fun creating your perfect affirmations.

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