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Daily Focus 102 & 103

Hey my loves. Happy Easter. I hope you have beautiful weather where you're at too, like me here in Berlin.

It looks like summer and I definitely look like summer, the perks of having pigment ...

Are you happy with what you do? Or in other words, have you found your purpose. Seth has different things to say about purpose and it boils down to that each one of us becomes happy of doing something that's aimed at the greater good.

In the book "Calling in The One" from Katherine Woodward Thomas, which I highly recommend regardless if you are single or in a committed partnership. It is on getting clarity on who YOU ARE. She quotes Carol Adrienne, author of The Purpose of Your Life, tells us,

“Our purpose . . . is not a thing, place, occupation, title, or even a talent. Our purpose is to be. Our purpose is how we live life, not what role we live. Our purpose is found each moment as we make choices to be who we really are.” Are you living your purpose? Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? This Corona time is a wonderful time to dive very deep within ourselves. I hope, wish and have faith that you're making the most out of it.

Hug you.

Much love,


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