• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 105

Either Everything Is God, Or Nothing Is.

A sentence that snaps me back, personally, to the reality that I choose to living.

You see, you are living your reality according to your beliefs. And sometimes it's really easy to live according to a new reality, especially if you see your consciously wished reality play out.

But what if you have to deal with Ceasars World, as Neville calls it, with taxes and all these things we rather not deal with. When I have to deal with those things all of a sudden I can be thrown back into the reality that I thought I left.

Until I realise ... wait a minute, ALSO HERE ... either everything is God, or Nothing is. So whenever I find myself inwardly getting worked up, I pause I take a breathe and I know that also here things work according to beliefs. It's not that part of life works like A and the other part like B.

All same same but different. Be aware. Always and you'll flow through life. You and me Both.

Have a flowy one.

Hug you.


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