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Daily Focus 117

A long one and I will post it in parts in the next couple of days.

"(Seth:) Now. The sun shines, the writer writes, the artist paints, the thinker thinks, the dreamer dreams, and each of you, whether you know it or not, naturally follow your own natures. You bloom whether or not you recognise the pattern of your petals. You sing. You are like a trans-species, as Ruburt would say.

Something happens when you meet the world, something happens when you meet each other, something happens when you have a child, when you think, when you look at each other. Something happens the moment you are born and the world is different. Because you are, the world is different. It is a world of individuals, and distorting an old historic statement: God must love individuals because he never made anything else.

You are not born as members of a nation tied tail to tail. You each are aware of the difference of your thoughts. And when your thoughts meet the world, you change the world. Now, you are also changed by the world since you are not made of concrete.

But if I have taught you anything, I hope I have given you the grace to know yourselves to some extent, to recognize that you are indeed, in your way, world changers. For as you change yourselves, as you grow you change the world. The world changes because you are.

Now if you listen without listening too hard, in any intimate moment you can hear your molecules shout, if you will forgive me, with their own optimism. Each molecule is its own world. Each molecule is its own world. Your thoughts form worlds.

I say what I say and I say more than you hear and yet you hear me silently. When I speak of responsibility, I speak of the cat’s responsibility to lift its tail or twirl its ear. No cat says “I must hold my backside in such and such a fashion or I must play with catnip.”

And yet a cat is a cat, a perfect cat, whether it is flawed or has a broken foot, or whether it can hear or not hear, or whether it is ancient or young. A cat is a perfect cat. Now you can understand that. But in the same way you have a responsibility to be yourselves as a cat has to be itself.

To express the joyful creature nature that is your own. And through that expression your spirituality will flower. For it will not flower if you pretend that the spirit is elsewhere and you are here.

So those of you who speak on my behalf, let there be times of boisterous activity. Let there be play.

Let there even be time for discord if that is what is needed, but never, and I know you would not, never impose an artificial ceiling of peace. For peace is active *(to Sheri, Rick and Van Zandt.)

*And so if there is any message that I have for your students, as usual it is not a quiet one. When you feel your own vitalities fully then that will be understood by your students.

And when each person feels and releases their own creativity, (to Sue) there will be no need for books about Seth classes, but now there is such a need. [... 22 paragraphs ...]" —TPS5 Deleted Session December 2, 1978

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