• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 120

A bit nerdy but with all the information you have had so far I believe you will understand this too:

"In surface terms the sense of “I” that you possess is the result of constantly emerging probable identities, given continuity in time through the physical apparatus of the body with its built-in intervals of nerve reaction. " - by SETH from The Nature of Personal Reality

In other words ...

The person you believe you are is that person because of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Everything is NOW, so that means that you can choose a different YOU by believing yourself to be different.

picture by Jarin Dominguez

Have a wonderful sleep later and do yourself a favour and give your IS and conscious mind the suggestions of the who you would like to experience as a probable you. Making that probable you a NOW YOU and not probable anymore over time by your persistence and loving attention and faith in the possibility of that truth.

Much love,


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