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Daily Focus 121

Discover the nature of your identity; by Seth

One prerequisite for such an intuitive understanding of the soul is the desire to achieve it.

If the desire is strong enough, then you will be automatically led to experiences that will result in vivid, unmistakable subjective knowledge.

There are methods that will enable you to do this, and I willgive you some toward the end of this book. For now, here is one quite effective but simpleexercise.

Close your eyes and after having read this chapter to this point, and try to sense within yourselfthe source of power from which your own breathing and life forces come. Some of you will do this successfully at your first try. Others may take longer. When you feel within yourself this source, then try to sense this power flow outward through your entire physical being, through the fingertips and toes, through the pores of your body, all directions, with yourself as center. Imagine the rays undiminished, reaching then through the foliage, and clouds above, through the center of the earth below, extending even to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Now I do not mean for this to be merely a symbolic exercise, for though it may begin with imagination, it is based upon fact, and emanations from your consciousness and the creativity ofyour soul do indeed reach outward in that manner.The exercise will give you some idea of thetrue nature, creativity and vitality of the soul from which you can draw your own energy and of which you are an individual and unique portion.

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