• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 126

Neville and Seth teach that you have to use your imagination (thoughts, feelings and beliefs) to draw something different forward.

Everything first starts in the mind. In your greater body if you will.

You have to change your concept of yourself and the changes you will see in you will be automatic. You won't have to think about how to behave as the "New Man" it's built in, like a computer has

Word on it. You don't have to code the whole program before you can start using it, you just have to look it up, select it, click on it and start using it.

So how does this automatic behaviour work then? Well, you also have to know how it looks and feels how to be the New Man. How else can you move into that State?

It's actually like you're getting to know a new friend that you admire, you spend time with them, you question them about all the things in their life that are so amazing and how they manifested these.

And then, little by little you start to adopt these new behaviours, thoughts and feelings automatically.

You are actually already doing so in your life now. Think back to a time that you displayed behaviour that you really cannot identify with anymore. That was the Old Man. And you've quantum jumped to the New Man.

So it's not you YOU that was that. It was a different version of YOU. Important difference.

Have fun getting to know the New Man.

Much love,


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