• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 128

Seth teaches that the materialisations come from Framework 2. When they're materialised you see them in Framework 1.

So mind, imagination and visualization brings about the things in Framework 2.

Here's Rob, the husband of Jane that channeled the Seth material with his suggestions or affirmations about Framework 2. Perfect suggestions that suit any of us.

"I have the simple, profound faith that anything I desire in this life can come to me from Framework 2. There are no impediments in Framework 2. Framework 2 can creatively produce everything I desire to have in Framework 1—my excellent health, painting, and writing, my excellent relationship with Jane, Jane’s own spontaneous and glowing physical flexibility and creativity, the greater and greater sales of all of her books. I knew that all of these positive goals are worked out in Framework 2, regardless of their seeming complexity, and that they can then show themselves in Framework 1. I have the simple, profound faith that everything I desire in life can come to me from the miraculous workings of Framework 2. I do not need to be concerned with details of any kind, knowing that Framework 2 possesses the infinite creative capacity to handle and produce everything I can possibly ask of it. My simple, profound faith in the creative goodness of Framework 2 is all that is necessary.)"

—TPS4 Rob’s Suggestions About Framework 2

x Monique

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