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Daily Focus 129

Hey loves,

Nothing you read in here is new, on my blog or on any other for that matter.

What is new, is the way that I bring it. And the way the others bring it. Same goes for you.

It is my desire for you, and I have faith that I will, that you feel the click in your body and easily and effortlessly start to live these teachings. Today I would like to give you another way to Rome: The Feeling of Naturalness

Seth says:

"Your entire physical environment is the materialization of your beliefs."

Obviously apart from the root assumptions like: grass is green, when the sun shines its warm, we have gravity that keeps us from floating like in space etc. Next to that EVERYTHING is a belief.

Seth also says:

** Your entire physical environment comes as naturally out of your inner mind as words come out of your mouth.

What does this mean? That the things that you see at this very moment, this includes behaviour of others towards you, the seemingly mundane, it's all manifested. And in here is a wealth of information. Because all of this means that you feel it to be natural, which means that it manifests with ease. You're not even thinking of it.

You making a mean lasagna is a manifestation. It's because you know and expect the lasagna to be super delicious so it is. You being able to do 200 push ups in a row without breaking out a sweat is because you know and expect it to be so.

Now, just as with the lasagna and the push ups you have been practicing / training. Or you are a Jedi with regards to this mind stuff and you could do both after you had made up your mind that you could in which case I doubt you are reading this post ....

So how do you get to the feeling of naturalness with the things that you do not yet see? First acknowledge that YOU have been keeping these things away by feeling natural about them not being there.

And then start the process necessary to make it feel natural to see those things in your life by... - YOUR INNER CONVERSATIONS - YOU FEELING AMAZING FOR NO APPARENT REASON (on the outside, on the inside you are cultivating amazing thoughts) - AFFIRMATIONS - VISUALISATIONS That's it. An easy practice would be to to this little game: of a couple of hours a day be super aware of everything that is happening, everything. You getting out of bed and brushing your teeth, opening up the tap and filling a glas of water, drinking the water, making coffee and eating your breakfast. Cuddling your cat and kissing your lover who was already up and is working at the kitchen table, closing the lid on the peanut butter that he didn't close right, again.

You spilling coffee on your t-shirt, getting annoyed because it always happens when you wear white,etc, etc.

All of these things feel super natural. And you know what. They are all manifestations. Every Single One of them. All these day to day things are just as "big" manifestations as the seemingly impossible.

And you get there in the same way. By feeling them to be natural. By believing that they are possible, by knowing that you are the operant power and constantly reminding yourself of this.

That's it. Much love,


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