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Daily Focus 132

And this is exactly why I so long ago wanted to rid myself of all the age bs that goes around.

Seth in Conversations with Seth by Sue Watkins:

“You come from many backgrounds, and [in class] some of you have your own ideas thrown back at you,”

Seth told us once.

“What I have to say to you has nothing to do with the age that you imagine you are in this particular existence; for as I have said often, the old man or woman that you will be and the young girl or boy that you were, and the person that you imagine you are, exist now…

“And everyone does not learn with age, and all the young are not innocent. You cannot deal in this class in terms of generations.

You will deal with the selves that you are, and as they emerge, so shall you know your selves: the selves that you think you are, the selves that you think you have been, and the selves that you think you shall be.

[Here] you cannot relate in terms of male or female; as a mother, daughter, child, son, or father…”

Have a timeless and ageless one today.

Much love,


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