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Daily Focus 139

It's no secret I adore the teachings of Lynda Madden Dahl.

This is a share from her book Ten Thousand Whispers:

"Take Your Choice, Pay the Price

The question that usually comes up following the assimilation of the ideas of simultaneous time and constant creation is, "When an event is over, it's over, right?" I'm sure you've figured out the answer by now, but when it was brought home to me in living color, it did make an unforgettable impact.

I was the guest on a popular Manhattan radio show one day, and the host gave me an audiotape of our on-the-air conversation. Several days later when I returned to Washington, I listened to the tape while out on a walk, and my enthusiasm knew no bounds. Darn good, I thought. I'm getting the hang of these interviews and this one was dynamite.

Weeks went by before Stan (Lynda's husband) heard the recording. We went for a ride on the Washington coast and into the tape player went my prize. But from the beginning I knew something was wrong. Who was this person who couldn't seem to form a concrete idea without hemming and hawing her way through it? What happened to the bright, articulate answers so confidently remembered? I was stunned and embarrassed. Stan was amused.

Had I literally changed the conversation on that tape, and if so, why? The Committee* said yes, I had.

They said my perception of myself changed over the weeks following the show, and doubts in general had arisen about my abilities.

The tape Stan heard was a new rendition of the first, an alteration based on my present thoughts.

Now the question on my mind was, which one was "real?" Their answer:

"Whichever you will accept. It is, you see, your reality."

So which did I choose? I don't know. I've not had the courage to listen to the tape again. And that is probably the answer.


Isn't that amazing. You experienced something similar in your life, changing things after the fact the Q is, are you aware that you do so?

Every moment we choose, which I , which world.

Much much love,


*the Committee was talked through via the Ouija Board by Lynda and her Husband Stan and they represent their Inner Selves.

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