• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 140

Oh dear, I missed a day.

It was a beautiful day and one that fits so great to these teachings.

I will link you to my Instagram post about it and I will give you some more back information, since you're in here and are into conscious creation.

We blink in and out of existence billions of time per second. We are recreated every moment based on our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

I was able to do something with my body, that I wasn't able to do the day before and I just set the intention to be able to do it soon and took into account that my beliefs about it might need some adjustment so the factual doing might take some linear time.

Turns out I already switched realities, because that is what a change is, a switch of realities. And now, now I'm even more stunned than I already was.

Wishing you a beautiful day and will probably post tonight since we're one post behind.



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