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Daily Focus 142

Hey dear one, I hope you feel great.

From Lynda Madden Dahl's book Living a Safe Universe a wonderful Seth Quote that explains how and why it is important to only go for the wanted thoughts:

"A negative thought, if it is not erased, will almost certainly result in a negative condition: a momentary despondency, a headache, say immediately, " That is in the past, Now in this new moment, this new present, I am already feeling better." Then imnmediately turn your attention away from the physical condittion. Concentrate upon something pleasant, or begin another task. In this way you are no longer suggesting that the body reproduce the headache conditions."

Of course this also goes for other physical circumstances. Just remember always always always that thoughts create reality.

beautiful picture: Andrey Svistunov

Much love and have a wonderful day,


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