• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 147

A Seth Quote via Lynda Madden Dahl:

"Now about the time lag on suggestions.

This has nothing to do with time, but with the intensity of any suggestion and countering suggestions. The most intensive will triumph, though there may be obstacles in its way."


Suggestions are thoughts which are at the basis of ALL YOUR CREATIONS. Whenever you think a thought it sets the precedent for a manifestation, when you think the same thought more often and have a feeling of emotion attached to it, it starts to hold ground and at one point it manifests into physical reality.

When you have opposite thoughts, you counter the first thought out; Every Action terminates the previous Action. That is a rule. A thought is an action.

That's why Abraham Hicks and all the other teachers tell us to focus on what we want and not on what we don't want. As soon as something that you don't want enters your mind hear it, feel it and then deliberately choose to reject it and come up with an opposite affirmation.

That last part is vital, because otherwise the not wished thought will go out and create itself.

Have fun. Love y'all.

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