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Daily Focus 154

This is from Lynda Madden Dahl's Book Living a Safe Universe Volume 2


If you really believed your goal was inevitable, what would go through your mind? How would it be different than if you only hoped it would happen? Answer these questions to find out:

  • What would I think today about what is to come?

  • How would I feel today about what is to come?

  • How would I act today knowing what is to come?

  • What advantages would there be with my goal's appearance?

  • What disadvantages would there be?

  • How would my goal increase my value fulfillment?

  • How does my goal match my known significance?

And the final question:

Is this goal a clear, obvious choice to you now? Or are there any doubts about how it fits in with your inner self's hopes and plans for you? And if there are doubts, can you easily balance them against your choice?


beautiful pic by Ales Krivec

Have fun & Much Love,


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