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Daily Focus 155

A Success Story, including the phrases and the Seth teachings that kept me on track

“Either everything is God, or Nothing is.” When you decide to start living your life as a conscious creator, you have to stick with it and take full responsibility for everything.

The spoiler: my cat has returned after being “gone for 6 weeks”.

I put it in between parentheses because there is no linear time, there is only now. And in cases like manifesting something or someone you have to drop the time because it will be detrimental to your manifestation. The only thing that will happen is “ It has taken me already this long” which will bring you down a road of feeling even shittier.

Here’s the process, what happened and what phrases kept me going. Everything with ** are the phrases that are Seth’s or Lynda Madden Dahl’s (a wonderful Seth scholar and teacher) and mostly worded in my words.

I shared this in another group too, I adjusted it a bit to fit on my Blog and here on Reddit.

** You are not 'programmed.' Nothing happens because it MUST happen.

** You set your problems in the hope that you WILL solve them. You did not set them like millstones about your neck.

** The past is continually changed.

A Super Happy Happening.

It took me almost two months to experience this in 3d, and I didn't want to share this before it was a 3D-fact.

** every thought creates a reality, when you experience it in 3d it has reached bulk

** every action terminates another action

From Lynda’s LASU 1 (living a safe universe volume 1) I learned that we constantly either add to the creation of a wanted desire or that we cancel it out by having opposite thoughts.

Every action terminates another action, means every thought is new and creates anew. It cannot be else, since there is only NOW, the moment point from which we create the past, present and the future.

What set it off?

I have been having an interesting money game in the past and it’s getting better by the day literally after understanding how reality works (read this post about how money comes into our lives) and sticking to feeling great, abundant, deserving, relaxed, etc.

It was all inner work. A tip I got from one of the Seth books, I believe it was the Nature of Personal Reality, see yourself in your minds eye happily paying all your bills and having fun with money, that’s mostly what I sticked to.

The day I received word of getting gifted (yes that’s right) money I was over the moon and exactly that day my cat decided to run away. Or better yet, I CREATED MY CAT RUNNING AWAY.

What the Fuck Monique.

Was obviously the first thing that went through me.

And because I know this, I felt safe at the same time:

** You set your problems in the hope that you WILL solve them. You did not set them like millstones about your neck.

And because I had been working on something else that I had no idea HOW, I knew that if I could do this it would help me with the other thing. Talking about extra pressure ….

I was so angry with myself and very sad initially, about this fucking BELIEF that I obviously had and my sweet kitty cat being "the victim" of that. And of course, this was victim mentality and I went deep into it (which I do with whatever I feel if I want to for a couple of moments) and then I said, OK. You know how this stuff works, now get to work!

First I found out what it was that had created this, which Belief created this something happy and at the same day something very unhappy.

It was:

" something has to give " and "you can’t have it all"

Thanks to Seth, Neville Goddard, Lynda Madden Dahl and even Abraham Hicks I know that my thoughts and emotions and imaginings create reality.

And that I should think what I want to create and always cancel out negative thoughts, because they go on creating when left alone.

**your beliefs create your reality

**beliefs are formed in the moment point, so keep it clear and balanced

* You must become consciously aware of what you tell yourself is true every moment of the day, for that is the reality that you project outward.

* You must understand that each mental act is a reality for which you are responsible.

* The large area of your mental activity is translated into physical terms.

So, back to the drawing board.

I knew I had to have a game plan, and that plan was staying focused on how this reality works, reading LASU 1 and I ordered LASU 2.

I hardly told anyone, but obviously my house mate knew.

One of the hardest part in all of this was protecting my boundaries (with “normal thinking people” and not getting swayed by the reality that I said goodbye to.

I was tempted to, but I didn’t ask help in any of the Seth or Neville groups that I’m a part of, I did it all inside. I know my way ;-)

** what we see in 3d is after the fact, so the work to do is in our inner world.

I focused mostly on feeling good and trusting and stop checking and saying: Why isn’t this working, why isn’t he here yet, because THAT obviously is counter active.

**Do not keep checking against the physical reality that you know to see whether or not it has changed, for particularly in the beginning, this can lead you astray or make you feel you are getting nowhere; but if you change the situation in your own mind you will change it in physical reality.

In the beginning I couldn't stop thinking about the "how". I know how things work with objects, money and houses but a cat. There were so many factors into play (or that was what my mind was feeding me back in the times I wasn't trusting).

And then I constantly reminded myself that the how is never our job.

I kept on imagining him snoring, and him greeting me as I walked through the door, cuddling him etc.

And even though I have been working with “this stuff” for a while now, I sometimes still feel cuckoo and like I’m playing make-belief that won’t work anyway. So when you have this, don’t let it stop you ;-)

At one point I just knew I had to make a new decision. I had to go all in, because I felt like my energy was divided in two directions.

I forced myself to only think positively, and because I did over and over again it became easier.

Like a sand road you keep walking on back and forth becomes deeper, also the thought pattern around this because more solid.

I talked to my Inner Self and constantly reassured myself and her (she doesn’t need reassuring I do haha) that I trusted her and that I know she knows what to do:

** you must relax with your present moment point creations, even if - no especially if- what you’re experiencing is not to your liking. If you concentrate on current difficulties, also called current action, you will block your inner self’s assistance, and you will perpetuate the circumstances into your future. Clear your moment point and stay balanced while dealing with the situation, so that your inner self has room to work.

All the while I was also working on this Belief:

I can have my cake and eat it too. LOTS OF IT.

The Shift and The Signs

A couple of days ago I could feel the real shift in my feeling. I just felt different, calm. Secure. Confident. Not just about Binkie, about life in general.

And while I had seen signs of Binkie being on his way before, I didn’t trust them yet. I brushed them of as coincidence which is the worst thing you can do as a conscious creator.

**Either everything is God, or Nothing is.

The signs became more ass in less “time” in between. I even found one of his whiskers the other day. I “coincidentally” landed on cat posts that I wasn’t looking for etc. I just knew something had shifted.

At the same time I had relaxed so much, that I didn’t care if he would come back or not. I just wished he was happy where he was and safe.

It seems like a contradiction I am sure, but that was the State but coupled with: I am so happy he is back here, and still cuddling him and greeting him and just generally feelings of happiness and love when I thought about him.

Well, two days ago it happened. My house mate couldn't wait for me to get off the toilet, she even banged the door while I was on it something she never does, that, someone found him, someone found Binkie!

The bridge of incidents is again interesting and not important. We did it. Me, myself and I. And of course Binkie, who was in on this al along ;-)

A tip, that I follow myself too, write out for yourself when you manifest something that seems impossible at times, what the process was. Your thoughts and feelings. What signs you got, if you got any etc.

It helps you to get to know how you create. We all create differently, in the sense of we give ourselves different signs, and nudges. I understand my way better every day. And that is a gift nobody but me can give me.

Any Q’s, you know where to find me.

lovely pic by Jonas Vincent

Much love


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