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Daily Focus 156

From Lynda Madden Dahl:

Hi Seth friends, when we argue for linear time, we argue for false limitations that have a direct bearing on what we create. Here is yet another reason from Seth to consciously focus on the moment point in simultaneous time as the point of all creation, since...well, since it is:

"(The past) does not CONTAIN a precise picture of any particular incident that occurred. Each incident is RECREATED when the memory of it arises, but the memory is changed with each recreation, and subtly changed.

"The past is, then, continually changed. The electromagnetic connections themselves, that make up any particular event—these connections, even while seemingly intact, have changed. The energy that composes them is not the same, and the past is constantly altered.

"Nothing can stand still, including the past, and ANY such appearance of stability is an illusion. It is as much an illusion to believe that the past has vanished, as it is to believe that the future does not exist.

"The past does not vanish, for there was no past TO vanish, in those terms."

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