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Daily Focus 162

Seth on Happiness by Ivan Kelly from the Seth International Network (he's the one that shared the Seth Quote)

"Now Happiness comes from feeling within yourself the wonder and the joy that is within yourself.

And there is no other way in any world to experience happiness.

You can not expect a lover to give it to you.

You can not expect a child to give it to you.

You can not expect events to give it to you.

It's yours by right if you claim it. And if you do not claim it, or turn your back upon it, then it seems to you that you must look for it in others or that others are always happier than you are.

Now, and all of you know what I am going to say, the tiniest cell in the tiniest toe is happy. Feel its happiness.

Feel the vitality that is yourself as it always pervades your being. It is within you know keeping you alive and sitting there so pert and pretty. So acknowledge it. "

ESP class June 13, 1972

Have a beautiful and a happy day everybody.

Pretty Girl by Jasmin Chew


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