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Daily Focus 168

From Lynda Madden Dahl's book: Living a Safe Universe; Volume 2


Since Working with simultaneous time in the spacious present and through the window of the moment point allows for the selection of probabilities, it means there has to be a mechanism in place that allows those selections to happen.

And that mechanism involves action, which is driven by expectation.

Expectation (also called suggestion) is a combination of the mental acts of thought, emotion and imagination. When powered to the point of expectation, these mental acts create beliefs. And beliefs create events. So, expectation is a force to be used in the conscious creation of our moment point.

Another word for expectation is assumption. That is, when we assume something, we've made a decision about it, and it becomes an expectation.

beautyful flowers by Ryan Booth

The whole of physical reality is built on assumption which reflects expectation, from the root assumptions of space, time and gravity, to ones that quite literally build our neighborhood, such as our assumption that there's a pharmacy down the road - and that there is indeed a road;and the more personal ones that define our health, wealth, happiness, relationships, et cetera.

All of these are created by what they assume to be true, because within their assumptions are expectations."

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