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Daily Focus 24

An exercise I learned from Lynda Madden Dahl:

Exercise in Truth as a Consious Creator: Be aware, constantly, that MOODS create the Experience. Not the other way around.

Thoughts are things, they are actions. Emotions are actions too. When you dissect every experience you have by looking for the emotion or thought that has created the experience ("good" and "bad") you will find you are first thinking and feeling and then experiencing.

"So, my task is to search my heart and mind for how I FELT, not what I thought, prior to, during and after an event. Perhaps what I felt had nothing whatsoever to do with what the event externally says to me—my symbols (such as a brawl) are private to me and can’t really be figured out by another, or by what might be considered by some common sense cause-and-effect analysis.

But it’s not only the big events I’d analyze as I proceeded in my learning. It could be the smile of a stranger, a change in atmospheric conditions, a phone call just in the nick of time, a rude driver, an unhelpful store clerk, good or poor restaurant food.

I took note of what happened to me and whether I’d been obviously happy, sad, doubtful, fearful, buoyant, or whatever. And eventually I started to see the tie-in of events to my emotions." - Lynda Madden Dahl

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