• Monique B. Jagroe

Daily Focus 33

"Let people tell you who you are." - Neville Goddard

Your surroundings are echo's. The way that people behave towards you is based on ... YOU.

Never react, that will only bring forth more of the behaviour you don't want. Stay indifferent to what you see and know, really Know that this is a reflection. It is "dead" it is not real. You can change anything at any time. By your focus.

Be still, at this moment, be still, go inside, feel that beautiful pulsing energy that you really are. That creative, beautiful, golden magnetic energy.

" Be Still and know that I AM God".

Whenever you feel like it affirm to yourself: " I AM GOD"

Because you are, the God of your Life. And nobody else has a say in it.

Much love,


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