Daily Focus 34

What is it that you would like to experience more than anything in the world?

"Catch the feeling of the Wish Fulfilled" and see your world respond to your desires.

You do not have to concern yourself with the how, that is not your job. Your only job is to focus on what you want and pretend like you already have it.

This Universe is Vibrational first! and Material second. Don't question it, just believe it and treat it this way. Whatever you believe in, you will find proof for. Always.

So what do you wish for yourself? Feel it, dwell in it, give thanks for it now. How Praying really works is giving thanks for it now. So do it and see magic unfold.

Whenever you are questioning you're focused wrong. Whenever your checking, you're focused wrong, whenever you feel great, wealthy, happily married, rich, the luckiest person in the world ... you're focused right.

Much love,


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