Daily Focus 36

At every moment of the day you can choose your past and your future. You already are automatically doing this by the State you inhabit at this very moment.

In a State that you're familiar with, your thoughts and beliefs are automatic.

You do & think things "unwittingly" as Neville says it.

You can look around you now to see what you have been believing up until this point.

If you see anything you would like to see different, then start to choose a different State. Become the "new man", constantly revert back to this "new man" until this new man becomes the "old man".

If you're not sure how, then ask yourself how would I act, behave and think if I had what I wish to have?

If I AM who I wish to be.

No moment is lost, you can always start again. Now.

Your point of Power is always joyfully NOW.

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