Daily Focus 39

Anything and everything worth having takes work. Either mental, or physical. Decide for yourself what it is worth for you to experience THAT what you want to experience.

Then check your life. Is your life set up in the way it needs to be set up so that you can put in that work easily?

For instance, would you like to switch to the State of extremely wealthy but you are working your ass off 6 days a week, like to party in the weekends and sleep long and your best friends idea of personal development is getting as drunk as possible on every occasion together .... then that's not the best set up ;-)

Of course I am exaggerating, and you get my point.

Look at your life, your house, your private space. Your time, the books you own, the friends you have etc. Does it add to your dreams, or otherwise said are these things an investment towards your dreams and wishes? Or are you spending? (see also daily focus 38).

How is your morning ritual, how is your evening ritual? Do you have any?

Think about the changes you can make, start small, that will make the set up better and eventually you want to be in a situation where everything contributes to you realising your dreams & wishes.

Have fun.

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