Daily Focus 43

Are you waiting for a manifestation to pop? Than you are shooting yourself in the foot.

And the reason is ... would you wait for something that's already there? Neville teaches us to live in the wish fulfilled. That we should walk by faith and not by sight.

So when you check to see if somethings there or you notice that THAT isn't there yet, you are focussing wrong. You are not living in the wish fulfilled.

And yes, I know, sometimes you feel like you are a crazy person "pretending" and believe me it gets easier, especially when you start to collect proof that it really really works this way around (Believing is Seeing) and not the other way around (Seeing is Believing).

So just stick with it, or persist as Neville says and whenever you start to waver, feel doubtful just watch Neville video's (I made a playlist with my favourite Neville Lectures) and read success-stories of people that used Neville's methods to fulfil their wishes.

You can find these all around the web.

Have fun. You've got this & Remember The Turtle Wins the Race.

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