Daily Focus 44

The State Contains it All.

Neville teaches us to not judge a man by it's character but to recognise he fell in a certain State. We should judge the State and not the man.

And so it is with ourselves. When we display certain behaviour, instead of thinking we need to change anything about ourselves, realise we are in a certain State and that behaviour belongs to that State.

Whenever we change States, the behaviour and feelings automatically change, as will the behaviour of the people we interact with, as will the material objects, as will ... whatever you can think of.

Think about it. When you're in a "Everything always works out for me" kind of State what you will notice is that you are relaxed and lovely and have a good mood and feel generous.

When you're in the opposite State you can guess your behaviour ;-) If you're in State of feeling abundant, beautiful, handsome, sexy, you will walk different, wear different things and buy different things than when you're in a State of feeling impoverished and unattractive.

It all belongs to the State. So when you feel yourself behave in a certain way, stop and realise that all it takes is a change of States.

You've got this.

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