Daily Focus 47

The Power of Words. We all know words have power. And why do they have power, because we have linked something to these words. Either knowingly or unknowingly.

Look at a name, if you grew up with a girl named Elisabeth who was the loveliest person in the world, and you secretly had a crush on her (when you're a man or a woman that loves women) and you meet another Elisabeth, I bet ya this name sounds like angels singing.

But when Elisabeth was a mean machine then everytime you hear that name you flinch a little and you sure as a hot place under earth wouldn't name your daughter Elisabeth, would you?

This my dear ones is the power of Assumption.

Neville talks a lot about Assumption, how to Assume the feeling if "it where true". How would you behave if you were the woman or man that had everything that is on your wish list right now, how would you feel?

That is Assumption.

The opposite is true too, when you assume something to work, I assume that if I stop eating sugary products my skin clears up, and it immediately works. I assume that when tea is too hot and I drink it I burn my mouth.

And you might say, but that's true I experience the same. And I say, then why is it that Toni Robbins and other people taught people how to walk on fire without burning their feet?

And the answer is, ASSUMPTION.

Have fun playing with this.

Much love,


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