Daily Focus 55

The Twelve Disciples Will Continue Tomorrow.

"Enter into the Spirit Of It - BY AIM"

I wanted to gift you this, as Daily Focus 55, since this is a very special number to me. As you readers are. I wish it serves you well.

This is a text by All is Mind on Reddit. He is an amazing explainer of the LAW. If you're into really understanding the Law go check him out and of course keep reading your daily Focuses.


"Now, what do I mean by "enter the spirit of it"? For a whole month DECIDE, be determinated that you will mostly generate only one kind of energy.

Say words, act and be only what represents and generates that energy. Become that energy! Be obsessed by it, cultivate it every hour in every way you can. Radiate it.

example; you want a message from someone.

First understand how little you want, how poor it is to want so little. It is a very poor and negative energy, it is making a beggar of the glorious you.

Second, instead on focusing on having a small message, understand that what you really want behind that is love, the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being important to someone, the feeling of having company, etc. It is different for everyone.

So if you find out that you want to feel loved then generate exactly that feeling as you were loved now, but again without limitation to one person or messages: amplify it, make it big, go beyond your self imposed fences... become such a great energy of love and generate such a great feeling of being loved that you don't even need it anymore from anyone.

Become so full of it. It is very important that when you do this, you really don't feel the want or need of it: it means that what you did was a success. YOU CAN DO IT. You know your way. Don't ask me how to do that: trust yourself and do it your way.

Now of course, don't do that five mintes and then ask "okay now where is the message?" lol ... Don't do it to see a result, just do it for the purpose of generating that energy and live like that for a month!

Then you will be the judge.

This method/Exercice will make you understand that all things come from you and that you never have to seek them. All things come when you feel content, whole by yourself.

Of course, the time limit is important, say to yourself that you will do it a month, fully and completly, and that you will judge results only after a month. This keeps you focus on the wanted energy and it helps you avoid anything that is not that. PS: if you cannot do a month, try at least for a week without "flaws" or interruption, always try your best. Because the results depend of your quality of energy.

|| Our thought as feeling is the magnet which draws to us those conditions which accurately correspond to itself. || Thomas Troward "


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