Daily Focus 64

So ... my apologies for the little mix up with days and daily focuses hahaha. At least you know that I'm not a Robot. Or am I ...

Neville talks a lot about World of Ceasar. Seth calls it the camouflage world.

What is necessary for the teachings of Neville and Seth alike is to understand that EVERYTHING first starts in imagination or consciousness.

Everything IS consciousness. What you see, feel, taste, touch, smell is a mirror of the contents of your mind. When you first learn this, THIS is a biggie and you can get confused. So I urge you to take it easy and slow with this and TEST it for yourselves.

You begin with small things and you take your time. You can't go too big too quick because you will produce confusing results and as an effect you will not trust the Law and continue feeling a victim to circumstances and thinking you can't have it all because some God, or Deity, or moonphase or your starsign will bring you things (or not).

Here's my suggestion for you. For the rest of this month focus on one thing inside of you that makes you feel good. Repeat a phrase to yourself like:

- I am Blessed or I am Love, or I am Abundandant, or I am Healthy or I am Slim, I am Fit, whatever it is pick one!

You will be making love to this sentence, it is your buddy, your companion, your lover, your mantra. You will BECOME it. At first it might really be weird (or not depending how far you are with this Conscious Creation stuff).

Only focus on the feeling and be aware what starts to happen outside of you. How are people reacting to you. Are there more synchronicities showing up? Does the gras seem greener? Etc.

Write it all down. For this month. You need this testing as a proof to be able to trust to take on "bigger" things. I myself have countless success stories and I know of big BIG things others have created for themselves using The LAW.

And just to be clear, I am not talking about Law of Attraction. I am talking about Everything is Consciousness and what you see is but a reflection of the contents of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

We will go deeper into this in this month. Have fun and if you have any questions or need some explanation on something, email me on:

Much love,


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