Daily Focus 65

So now you're all set and you chose yourself a topic for the month of March, as I proposed in yesterday's post.

You are aware of everything that is happening around you, and you are also aware of what thoughts and feelings you had inside of you that created them in the first place.

Because also THAT is part of this game. If you don't know what has created what you see, you can't play it. Become vigilantly AWARE of the contents of your mind and your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts.

If you simply intend to be aware of what is lying beneath the surface, you're giving your computer = your mind an assignment, you will find out.

What CAN happen, but doesn't have to happen, is that shitty things start showing up. Painful things, things that go wrong and cause you bad thoughts.

There are a couple of things happening and this is how you deal with it; First of all say to yourself, this isn't real, my old thoughts and beliefs have caused this. Whatever you do, Do Not React. Take a distance from it and look at it and if you can even laugh.

When you get emotionally involved, you acknowledge it's reality and you perpetuate what you're seeing.

How can this happen? Well, it is how the law works, if you had victim thoughts and beliefs around certain things you will see them manifested. No good or bad, you're not being punished it's just how life works. How the law works.

Both ways. Also with amazing things. No need to get attached, caught up, judgy or pissed, it is just how it is. That's all. Take your energy out of things you don't want, become indifferent as Neville says (Like Thomas of the 12 Disciples)

Enough for today. See you tomorrow.

Much love,


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