Daily Focus 68

The Bridge of Incidents or Bridge of Events.

Stuff doesn't fall out of the sky. Normally. So to get from A (wish) to Be (fulfilment of wish) there will be a "Bridge of Incidents". When you think about it everything in life is a BOI. But that's a different discussion.

So when you wish more money, there are numerous ways in which that money finds you:

- an unexpected tax return

- your parents feeling inspired to give you some money

- you sell more vegan lipsticks than you imagined (kind of a pun)

- etc.

All of this BOI. God's ways are past finding out. You can never know how something will happen. You just wish, give thanks for already having it. You energetically do this by feeling thankful, grateful and relief and you go about your ways.

It will fall in your lap, through a logical BOI in our Ceasars world.

So the Focus of the day is: Just relax, you have got you covered.

Much love,


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