Daily Focus 69

As Above So Below, That is what the numbers 69 or 96 stand for for me. Also for something else, but that's not what this blog is about.

I have the numbers 69 or 96 tattoeed on my wrists, a 9 on one hand (left) and a 6 on the right hand.

What does as above so below mean? The same as: as within so without. How you Feel will be reflected Outwards.

It's a repetition of the same but in different words, and that's how we learn.

Something that you might not have considered yet, A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles, yes that you know AND ... never focus on something you would like to get outside of yourself, because when you do you are "leaking energy" and that is super unattractive. To people, to situations and to things. Yes everything has consciousness, because everything is love.

So stay rooted in you. In your heart, and everything naturally flows and magnetizes itself to you. Try it.

You will see.

Have a beautiful heart centered day.

With Love,


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