Daily Focus 70

How can you assist yourself in maintaining positive thoughts.

Hello my dears, so today, something more worldly / schoolroom earth like. How can you support yourself to maintain a straight forward or up going line when it comes to your thoughts.

Everything is a belief, and all of them manifest. But, still there are some of them that are easier to change than others. If you are someone that reacts physically to some kind of foods (like I do) then stop eating those foods. If you are someone that reacts mentally to exercise (like I do) then start doing more exercising.

As I said, all of these outcomes are also based on beliefs, and they serve me. Why change a belief when it serves?

So I eat (mostly) very healthy and even decided to quit sugar for a month and I train almost every day.

What can you do to assist yourself mentally.

Because at the end of the day, as you know, ALL IS MIND.

Hug you.


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