Daily Focus 78

This is a direct Copy Paste from the Facebook Page of Josiah Brandt (you might know him from Youtube) and it's amazing and calming and just wonderful.

All is well, when you believe it is. The magic happens with IN You. <3


Notice Regarding Coronavirus Attention Students: The School of Imagination is encouraging all students to enter into a period of enhanced mental dieting. We are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

It is truly when the seas are stormy that Jesus is woken to come up from the bottom of the ship where he was sleeping and say: "Oh, ye of little faith"... "Let me just go ahead and calm these winds." "Let me just go ahead and calm these waves." "Let me just go ahead and calm this storm." In this time of stormy seas, let us awaken the God within, and remember that All Is Well -- it is all "just" our imagination, and we have infinite Power to rewrite, to revise, to THRIVE. What's happening is a story. Humanity is living out a storyline. It's the Great Drama. The vast, grand drama of experiencing the Law, which is: As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. This whole idea of living in a hall of Mirrors. You know, the Law. The person that I believe I Am is going to be reflected back to me in the States of my world. It's the Law. We experience the Law for the purpose of awakening to The Promise... And that is exactly what is happening in all the shifting tides and winds of the world. Everything that "appears to be" exists for the purpose of encouraging us on that journey. When life feels like the wind's blowing: cushion the blows. Use your Imagination. Awaken the Jesus Christ within you and calm the storm. (Practically speaking, how does one do this?) Turn off your phone. Stop reading the "news". Disconnect completely from the evidence of your senses and go within. Find the silence. Find the peace. Find the space within your Own Being. Find the God within You. And know that all of "this" is just part of the story of you walking through this World of Death, building a marvelous collection of valuable experiences. To ultimately awaken to Fullness the complete embodiment of ALL that You Are. Receiving the Promise. ============================== This is my encouragement to you. I see you thriving in this time that many are describing as "uncertain". Uncertain? Okay... maybe to some people... BUT I know in Whom I have believed. For those like you and I, it's not all that uncertain. Thrive with me. Imagine Wisely, Josiah Brandt "

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