Daily Focus 79

Dear you, I want to let you know that I myself are also not yet, like I assume you are, perfect in following all of these teachings. Nor I believe I ever will be, because I am here to learn.

Here on planet earth I mean. Having that said, I have something valuable to share with these posts, because I am an avid learner of them myself, I practice them, I fall on my pretty face and I get back up again, and I wish us both relieve and understanding and much much fun, love and joy on the way there, wherever there is.

Having that said, let's go into the Daily Focus of today. Underneath are the teachings from Seth that I learned about via Lynda Madden Dahl. She has a lovely and more understandable way, for me, of explaining these concepts.

Everything is NOW. (Like Neville says, creation is finished). Everything exists in the spacious present (again creation is finished) and there is no cause and effect in terms of linear time.

Cause and Effect does exist, but it's in terms of our expectations.

Let me explain with a short example. Let's say you have an argument with a friend. The next day you meet each other and you act all weird because of yesterdays argument and your friend is still mad, you find.

Now let's take this apart, according to what we just learned. If everything is now, then what is also now and true is the probability that this argument never took place. If you can get yourself to that space, then your friend will act super friendly and lovely, because you expect your friend to, because there never WAS an argument in the first place. (This is also called Revision by Neville, or true Forgiveness also by Neville).

Your job is to select what you have wanted to happen, you choose your present, future AND past from the now, and you act accordingly.

Here's where it gets really interesting. Your physical environment, your experiences reflect what you REALLY feel to be true. Not what you wish to be true. "The Universe can't be mocked" as Abraham says.

And that's why, it is so so so vital that you know yourself so well, that you also know your real thoughts and beliefs so you can build trust in this "stuff".

That's it for today. I wish and know it serves you well.

Much love,


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