Daily Focus 83

As I promised you yesterday, this is what Seth thinks about viruses and pandemics. It is a direct copy paste from Lynda Madden Dahl her Facebook page.

"Hi Seth friends, we know we individually and actively participate in personal shared events, but what of great mass events (think CORONAVIRUS), what is the level of our participation in them? Seth starts the conversation with this comment:

“You cannot begin to understand the nature of mass events of any kind unless you consider the even greater framework (Framework 2) in which they have their existence.

“A person's private experience happens in the context of his psychological and biological status, and basically cannot be separated from his religious and philosophical beliefs and sentiments, and his cultural environment and political framework. …

“As the individual's personal experience must be seen in the light of all of these issues, so mass events cannot be understood unless they are considered in a far greater context than usual. “The question of epidemics, for example, cannot be answered from a biological standpoint alone. It involves great sweeping psychological attitudes on the part of many, and meets the needs and desires of those involved… “I have thus far stayed clear of many important and vital subjects involving mass realities, because first of all the importance of the individual was to be stressed, and his power to form his private events. “Only when the private nature of reality was emphasized sufficiently would I be ready to show how the magnification of individual reality combines and enlarges to form vast mass reactions…

“An epidemic, for example, serves the purpose of each individual who is involved, while it also serves its own functions in the greater species framework. … In the first place, the causes are not biological. Biology is simply the carrier of a ‘deadly intent.’ … Now, no person becomes ill unless that illness serves a psychic or psychological reason, so many people escape such complications. … “Give us a moment . . . Inner reality and private experience give birth to all mass events. Man cannot disentangle himself from the natural context of his physical life. His culture, his religion, his psychologies, and his psychological nature together form the context within which both private and mass events occur.”

The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Chapter 1, Session 801

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