Daily Focus 85

Sometimes you wake up and you feel ... meh.

Like me this morning. WHAT!!?? you ask. Yeah I know, I was surprised too ;-)

And I know how it all works, but sometimes it's just, well ... meh.

As I have learned from Seth (via Lynda Madden Dahl) The Point of Power is always now! And you create now (there ever is now, in the spacious present) based on your feelings and thoughts and emotions.

So I also know that being in a meh State creates more meh-ness.

How do I get myself out of it, and how can you when you ever find yourself here too?

Take a piece of paper and make two columns, above one you write:

Not wanted (how you might be feeling now) and above the other column you write Wanted.

And then you started listing the not wanted things, and you write their opposites in the wanted column. And then you make an effort (and you succeed, because that's just how conscious creators roll ...) to fully embody the wanted column.

Easy, peasy.

And always, always, ALWAYS release emotions when you need to, so when you really feel you need to cry, open up the dams. If you haven't gained so much momentum yet, then do the process as described. Mwah.

Love y'all,

kussie Monique

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picture by sam carter and eh, I adore sheep, just so you know, it just fitted well with this post.

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