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Daily Focus 97

Practical. These posts will also start containing real life examples, because the theory is great but in the end we want proof. In our own lives and when we don't trust our own powers fully yet, than please of others ;-)

That and because it's just nice to read. So I will start of with a Seth Snippet, because it ties in with my story. This is, again, via Lynda Madden Dahl: A Seth Snippet…

“There is not one of you present in this room who cannot contact your own entity and have that entity heal your physical being, for it can use its abilities quite freely.

“It does not have your present hang-ups. It does not think it is fat, it does not think it has a bad neck. It does not think it has a bad foot.

"It can erase your difficulties as easily as you can erase a mistake on a painting, easily and swiftly and beautifully and well.”

The Early Class Sessions, Book 2, November 10, 1970

Now, the story. I have been having an uncomfortable feeling in my right shoulder and neck since a very long time, I can't even remember I didn't have it. And yes all is now, and I am very good at removing or regaining other things, this one has eluded me. The painlessness that is.

I have been trying to communicate with the pain, I have tried a couple of things and could feel relief here and there after some inner investigation but nothing tangible.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I read this snippet again and it just clicked. Djees, Monique, why don't you just do this. I already did something similar when I felt very sick in India and it worked within a couple of hours! I will tell that story another time, maybe tomorrow. Back to the shoulder.

Before I went to sleep I said to myself; Ok you know what to do, I would like to have a pain free shoulder again please.

I had a very interesting sleep, I was sleeping and dreaming and awake at the same time "checking the progress."

I could literally feel things being shifted and moved and ow things were "straigthened out". At the same time in my dream I was cursing A LOT. I was angry at something / someone I kept yelling F YOU.

(hahaha, a bit embarrassing, but hey we all have these episodes ... or? ;-) ) I have no idea to whom it was or to what or about what I just know I was REAALLLLY PISSED OFF!

All of a sudden I understood it, the anger has been stuck in my shoulder & neck.

So how are things now? WAYYYY better, it wasn't that bad, I mean I can still do everything I want with it yoga, pull ups, push ups ...

And now, now I feel freedom and relief and I'm effin amazed at how our mind and body and our greater entity work in concert. There's still something left, and that's for the coming days. I am confident that by the end of this fresh new week I will be completely balanced out and will have a shoulder and neck free of anger.

Hallelujah, thank you Seth thank you Lynda thank you body, mind, soul & spirit.

Much love,


picture by Chronis Yan

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