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Daily Focus 99

Trusting the sh*t out of YOUR LIFE.

That's what this game is about. About trusting that you've got your own back. That everything always works out for you and that you're safe. That this life on this planet is a game, one we all said yes to prior to coming here.

When I write this I think, am I really writing this (lol) fortunately I have been at this for a couple of years now, so my proof that it really works this way is substantial enough for me to feel the truth of it.

Yesterday I had to make a decision, that goes counter what anyone in "this time" or in any time actually would deem smart.

I decided to leave the Yoga Studio that I had just joined as a teacher. The funny thing is, it is very normal for me not to work for anyone. Freedom and self responsibility and reliability (with some help of loved ones here and there) are my most important values in life.

I trust myself in most areas of my life. And I found out that somehow I thought ... yeah but in Yoga it works different. One has to start teaching at a Studio and then this whole list of rules that I made up.

Until I realised ... wait a minute, either everything works a certain way or nothing does.

I create my reality according to my thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Period. No Equivocation. None. IT's not it works like this with your own brand fra lippo lippie and with houses, friends and romance but not with Yoga.

No. It works this way ALWAYS or NEVER.

So, I decided to leave. And I decided to write this blog as a daily focus because the message is, where in your life are you still thinking in the old way, and how will it help you to have all of facing in one direction and not just a part of you?

And now what. Well, I know that the greater part of me is a lot of steps ahead. And all that I have to do is to tune in by ridding myself of nonsense. My decolonising my head, a word I loved from a very woman very dear to my heart.

To open myself EVEN more. To possibilities, to the magic of life. To flow.

And what do you know, things are already rolling in the direction that I'm supposed to go for now.

This means also that I would like to offer you an hour with me, whoever you are. Yoga is something that wants to be known by your heart and your soul. And when you're ready I'm here.

And that hour is my gift to you. And for those that think, but you need to make a living. I am covered, Yoga is not the only way money can come to me. And I also, make money with yoga. Already, again.

"Thank you father, thank you, thank you, Thank you." I love you.

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