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Deadlines or your boss or (...) are the reason you are stressed? They're not, it's you ...

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

Have I got your attention? Great.

I’m with you when your first reaction is somewhere along the lines of “What the …..”.

But when you read on, you will feel better like me now I know that I'm in charge of this.

It’s no surprise that I love Sadhguru’s teachings.

And you might even remember that I’m reading his book Inner Engineering as I mentioned on my Instagram account.

I’m at the chapter about Restlessness and Restfulness, and this is so good, that I have to share it with you.

“The fact that you sleep at night makes some difference between your mornings and evenings. What is making the difference is the level of relaxation that sleep brings. If you could remain relaxed while performing all the activity of the day, you would be about the same in the evening, in terms of energy and enthusiasm, as you were in the morning.

If you wake up fresh, that is a good beginning, bug slowly through the day, as your relaxation levels come down, you gradually start feeling stressed.

Stress is not because of work. This is important to remember. Everybody thinks their job is stressful.

No job is stressful. There are many jobs that could present challenging situations.

There could be nasty bosses, insecure colleagues, emergency rooms, impossible deadlines – or you might even find yourself in the middle of a war zone! But these are not inherently stressful. It is our compulsive reaction to the situations in which we are placed that causes stress. Stress is a certain level of internal friction.

One can easily lubricate the inner mechanism with some amount of inner work and awareness. So, it is your inability to handle your own system that is stressing you out.”


“On some level, you do not know how to handle your body, mind and emotions, that’s the problem. How then do you keep your system free of stress so that you remain in the same level of enthusiasm, relaxation and happiness wether it is morning or evening?

If you start certain simple practices of yoga, in three to four months time your pulse rate will drop at least eight to twenty counts very easily. This means the body is running so much more efficiently and at a relaxed pace.”

Now I have been following Sadhguru and his teachings for a while. With Yoga he does not mean backbending, weird postures.

He even says that Yoga that is only fixed on that is like a stillborn child, tragic.

Check out Kriya Yoga and Sadhguru and find out more on how and what.

I hope this inspired you to start a simple morning or evening yoga practice. Or perhaps even reading Sadhguru's book. And if you're in Berlin, he's here next week giving an lecture in Tempodrome.

Thank you for reading, see you soon.

With Love,


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